Research Interests

Over the past few years, I have been investigating ethical issues regarding human enhancement. I am now developing research initiatives on the ethics of emerging technologies, with current projects on artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data, digital societies and digital democracy, as well as some work on medical humanities, with particular interest in film and medicine, exploring how movies portray different bioethical issues.

My research in bioethics takes primarily a philosophical approach, but I have also some experience working with quantitative and qualitative projects. Whatever the methodological approach, the underlying ethical questions about what it means to be human, and whether this is changing with current medical and technological advances drives my ongoing research.

Research Projects

  • - Time Machine. Strategic Foresight for Public Policy. Link

  • Moral Enhancements & Moral Machines.

  • Eloge de la Fragilité à l'ère de l'Homme augmenté. Link

  • Science Fiction and the Ethics of Human Enhancement. Link

  • the Next Generations. Link

  • Future-Human.Life. Link

  • Enhancement and Human Perfection. Link

  • Enhancing short children? An ethical investigation of treating ‘short but healthy’ children with growth hormones. Link


Research Topics 

  • Bioethics

  • Human Enhancement

  • Moral Enhancement

  • Transhumanism

  • Posthumanism

  • Virtue Ethics

  • Human Dignity

  • The Ethics of Big Data

  • The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

  • Ethics & Blockchain

  • Digital Health

  • Digital Democracy

  • Digital Identities

  • Digital Humanities

  • Digital Bioethics

  • Philosophical Anthropology

  • Film & Medicine